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tv   9 News Now at 430am  CBS  August 13, 2010 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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forecast. >> the first round of severe weather was so early had time to recover. think of the storms that went through virginia, they stabilize the atmosphere with the showers that went across. areas of maryland got hit hard yesterday evening. this morning showers once again. these are a little different. they are moving in east to west now. so behind the front. not severe but there are locally heavy downpours going on. i want to take you on a radar tour of live doppler 9000 hd. a north-south oriented line here. we will start up north and work our way south. montgomery county and southern frederick. mount airy got hit hard as did damascus. rain in lays on thesville and gaithersburg. there's less action at the moment west of 270. in the district, look at those yellow areas, heavy. showers and downpours to national airport along the
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potomac. forestville and andrews and fedex field still has rain. rain is heavier in prince georges county in to accokeek and in to charles county. and over to west of woodbridge looking at heavy downpours as well and one more from colonial beach to oak grove. we are looking at those showers heading to fort royal. temperatures are mild. still humid out there. readings in the 70s and looking at highs cooler low to mid-80s. right now 75 with code green air quality. >> i will take it. >> hello, howard. half way through the 4:00 hour. tgif. what we are waking up to is wet roads out there. watch the spray and the speed. this is the inner and outer loop at new hampshire avenue. moving to virginia. look at 395. still moving at speed here nicely coming from the beltway making your way to shirlington.
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next we'll take a shot of -- hmm, what will it be? how about 395 again. it is still looking good. move to 66 and show you the live conditions there out of manassas. you are doing fine making your way to inside the beltway. back to you. thousands of people are once again in without power after the storms and the majority are pepco customers. kristin fisher is joining us live from one of the dark neighborhoods. where are you? >> i'm in silver spring, this is university boulevard here and this is one of the many intersections, about 60 intersections in montgomery county this morning that are still in the dark. as for all of the residents without power, i think the storm fatigue is setting in. keep in mind, this is the third major storm in three weeks and many of the people that are out of power or do not have power this morning are the same people that did not have power
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yesterday. now, pepco crews have been working hard throughout the night. you can see the rain is still coming down. so that has hampered their efforts a bit but they have made a ton of progress. keep in mind, yesterday at its peak there were 100,000 customers without power an we will look at the numbers now. and you can see how much progress they have made. take a look at this -- in terms of other power companies experiencing outages this morning, dominion power has 4,000 customers without power in northern virginia. bge has 3,000. so we still have a considerable
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amount of people without power this morning, and we were talking with tons of people yesterday who say they cannot believe three storms, three weeks of this magnitude and they are sick and tired of dealing with the power outages and living in the dark and frankly all of us are getting tired of standing in the rain and talking about it. it is certainly causing a tremendous strain on residents and commuters. as i said, about 60 traffic signals in the dark in montgomery county. so as you make your way to work this morning you want to plan for a little extra time to account for all of those outages. because yesterday morning it was very nasty and you can expect this morning to be maybe not quite as bad but you will certainly experience some delays. back to you. >> absolutely. thank you for the update. in gaithersburg, a single tree toppled in the storm wreaked havoc on an apartment building slicing the roof, smashing through walls and
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injuring ten people. all are expected to live an none will likely forget. later in the day, crews put a tarp over the hole in the roof over the apartment building before the rain started again. everyone in the building slept somewhere else last night as engineers work to determine if the structure is safe. a rushing wall of floodwater surprised a dozen drivers near rock creek park. their cars were washed away while they were driving on thursday morning. many were caught by surprise by how fast the waters rose up and took them for a ride they won't soon forget. >> i felt like i was going to die. the water was just coming in so fast that i was going to drown in my own car. >> i got up on high ground, held on to the fence and watched my car float away. >> none of the drivers were
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seriously hurt during any of the fast-water rescues but caution flash flooding on roads can be extremely dangerous. auto shops will be busy after the latest storm. not only were they hit by fallen trees but the fast- rising floodwaters washed away cars, too. this is the scene near veers mill road. cars washed in to each other and a trail of filth, as well. witnesses were shocked at what they saw. >> i saw all of the cars floating down this road in to viersmill, nothing i had ever seen before in my life. >> scary. it happened twice to me. four years ago it happened. >> same street? >> same street. >> reporter: it was a scene that played out over and over throughout montgomery county. more cars were washed in to each other and trees on briggs road. there were no reports of injuries from either location. it took a lot of effort and
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several hours to douse a fire near dupont circle. 125 firefighters, including a phone unit from national airport were called in to fight the flames on thursday. it happened in the 1800 block of connecticut avenue. that street was closed for several hours during the fire. a spokesperson says yesterday's storms are probably to blame. still ahead, new proof that stress and fertility may actually be connected. plus, police have arrested a possible suspect in the string of 18 stabbings. we will have the story we brought you yesterday morning. you are watching 9 news now. wcwcwcwc
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270 southbound toward gaithersburg and the split. no incidents or accidents along the way on this friday. it is angie with traffic in realtime coming up.
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turning to the latest on the arrest of a serial stabber. police arrested a man on wednesday night in atlanta as he tried to board a flight to israel. they believe he's the man behind 18 stabbings in leesburg, flint, michigan and toledo, ohio. five people died in the attack. investigators believe the crimes were racially motivated. he has extensive background in the area. he spent the day retracing his steps. >> surreal. residents are shocked to know their former neighbor is an accused serial killer. >> definitely considering that. >> reporter: 33-year-old is linked to a string of assaults in three states. police say he attacked three men in lee burling last week, stabbing a 18-year-old, 67-year- old and beating a 19-year-old with a hammer. police say his target, black or dark-skin men. >> makes me feel good knowing he is not out there and he is
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caught. ain't nobody else getting hurt. >> reporter: his family owns a popular restaurant in town. 9 news now also learned he used to work with troubled children at north spring behavioral center. at in the middle of his crime spree, arlington county police stopped his green chevy blazer for a traffic violation thursday at 1:00 a.m. we are told he was an rested on an outstanding warrant from leesburg stemming from a 2008 family-related domestic assault but a judge released him. now police are looking in to the 2009 unsolved murder of jamie lynn, a black man who lived doors from his last known address. >> he was stabbed. >> reporter: just left to die? >> nobody knew. he came home and next thing we know we learned about it that night. >> the suspect spent a month in jail for false fying documents
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when he was applying for a gun. a weapon we're told he could never own because of a felony conviction for fraud. outside of leesburg police department, 9 news now. his mother called in to a radio show in israel. she says her son is a god fearing man who helps anyone who needs it and believes her son is innocent. it is time for the first "living $mart" report of the morning. jessica doyle is off today but not business on wall and it could use good news after three down days in a row. the dow finished the day 58 points lower. the nasdaq down 18 and the s&p down 5. general motors is moving closer to selling its shares to the public again. the automaker could send the offering plan to the sec as as soon as today.
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blackberries troubles have spread to india. the government wants access to e-mail and messaging data. it is threatening to block service by the end of the monday if the company doesn't comply. the same situation in saudi arabia and the united arab emirates where the government says they need access for security reasons. a new report shows more college students are diagnosed with a serious disorder. plus, higher stress, less fertility. a new study looks at a link between the two. >> we are looking at showers this morning. we will show you that on live doppler 9000 hd. and i will explain why we have had so many bouts of severe weather this summer. that is coming up when 9 news now returns.
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in this photo you see dc looks like venice with water everywhere. thank you to one of our twitter
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followers for that photo. next is blare road in the district. they found this street split down the middle and sheered off. look at the tree from a different angle. it is not just the limb but half of the tree on the ground. and lori smith sent a picture of. finally we have from our own marketing director a combination of a tree on a car. that was at 17th street in rock creek park. if you have pictures that you would like to send us, here's how to do it, e-mail i amages to and i have some similar pictures on my facebook page. it was amazing. had to take my mother to the doctor and just trying to get from here to home, every street i took i had to detour. >> we had reports of 2.5 inches of rain in a half hour. plus-plus inch rainfall rates
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an hour. fracture louisiana, it is impressive for them. >> exactly. and the tree damage we saw, i don't remember seeing that even during hurricane season. >> we had gusts again yesterday measuring 70 miles an hour in the district at one point. that means we could have had nonmeasured gusts 80 miles an hour or even higher. that's why so many damage reports. this morning looking at some rain out there, though nothing severe. everything is moving east to west right now. easterly winds kicked in. we're behind the front. a much more stable atmosphere but a lot of low-level moisture. as this moves west there are locally heavy downpours. go to live doppler 9000 hd and take you on the tour. lining up north to south here. almost from the pennsylvania border down to real close to colonial beach. light showers frederick and 'tis da aurora. down 1240 to laytonsville and
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germantown here. clarksburg this is moving in your direction and across the river. ashburn could see a little bit of that in the next few minutes. in washington we have seen less yellow and more green. the intensity is coming down but still wet streets this morning and look at burke. a downpour going on by you. wet weather from forestville in to national airport, down to alexandria and franconia. 395 quiet at the moment and all of this activity is moving in your direction here from southern portion and charles county heavier showers in concord. and look at this thing west of woodbridge and 95. this is tracking to -- in the next 15 to 20 minutes and one more downpour toward colonial beach and oak grove. this is moving to fort royal in 20 minutes. the day at a glance,
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temperatures in the mid-70s by nine. low 80s this afternoon with a couple of showers but sunshine, as well. the shower threat moves more west after the noon hour out to the shenandoahs. cloudy with showers this morning. temperatures in the 70s. northeast winds five to ten. mostly cloudy, cooler, scattered showers this afternoon. especially west of washington. tonight, mostly cloudy, isolated showers. again we will emphasize, especially west of the mountains, 66 to 73 degrees. there's the showers that have been moving from yesterday. this morning are moving that way but a lot less intense and temperatures in in the low 70s, although 79 still at the pax navy air station in washington. we have 73 with low 70s scattered about the region. fairly uniform temperatures. 73 and feels like 73 but the still 70. look at that wind direction, a cooler win for us, northeast at seven.
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why the bad thunderstorms so many times this summer? well, the jet stream winds, this upper level ridge has been baking in the middle of the country. some of that heat gets here. what happens is underneath not too much weather but around the ridge storms form and sometimes in a bad spot will come down the pike toward us and throw in upper level energy at the hwang time and you have the surface heat and humidity and you have damaging wind gusts transferred to the surface and we have had that on several occasions and unfortunately it has been devastating at times. here's the seven-day forecast. 83 today. it will be mild with a shower. tomorrow 86. looks like a nice day. upper 80s on sunday with a late storm. monday a couple of storms and temperatures near 90. we have some incidents out there.
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>> we do. and as kristin fisher reported. you have to factor in extra minutes even though howard said it won't be as bad as yesterday. whenever we have rain in the commute it is a good reason to leave it little early. the outer and inner loop, it is wet and slick but no incidents to report at this time. 66 eastbound, looks like we are all clear out of manassas to inside the beltway. we are also looking at the george washington parkway heading southbound here. nice and green, moving at speed making your way down to the district. and speaking of that. 295 northbound between dc 295 and russell street. drivers are moving at speed. nine minutes away from the 5:00 hour. back to andrea. >> thank you, angie. good news for commuters this morning, you can take the cleveland park metro station to work today. this was the scene on thursday. you can actually see water on the landing from the street. the station was flooded and shut down after the storms but
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service is now back to normal. maryland public service commission called a hearing in to the reliability of pepco. they have been criticized in recent weeks over electrical power outages that have lasted for days after storms. in an order made public on thursday, the district ordered pepco officials to appear at the hearing next tuesday. they say they will exam the utility's storm preparedness. the frederick county health department held a meeting to address concerns about cancer clusters around fort deet rick. representatives from state and federal environmental and public health agencies were on hand. some citizen activists believe cancer right rates are higher in neighborhoods an the base. they have learned that agent orange was tested at the fort and are wondering what other hazardous chemicals may have been tested there.
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in the living well headlines the belief that stress affects a woman's chances of getting pregnant is now supported by research. the study by researchers a the national institute of health and the university of oxford is the first to make an association between high levels of a stress indicater in the body to a reduced chance of becoming pregnant. the results suggest that women should try to lower their stress levels to boost fertility. more college students are arriving at school with mental illnesses. they examined the record of 3,000 students who attended college. 96% were diagnosed with at least one mental disorder, up from 93% a decade ago. the study found that an increased number of students are using psychiatric medicines. on-line whistle-blower is preparing to release the rest of the secret afghan war documents. and he cursed out a passenger, made an exit out of
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an emergency chute and the flite attendant wants his job back. now i can stop pain from any angle-- with no mess.
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(announcer) new icy hot spray. relief that's icy to dull pain, hot to relax it away. and no mess. new icy hot spray. don't mess around with pain. gay marriage can resume in california as early as next week. the judge struck down the ban and held off on allowing the gay marriages to resume right away. now he is giving opens of same sex weddings to present their case to an appeals court. depending how that court rules gay marriages could you resume at that point or be put off indefinitely. the flight attendant turned
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hero, wants to get back on the job. he used the emergency chute to bail out of a flight at kennedy airport. slater faces charges of reckless endangerment. the next documents could be even more damaging. the pentagon says the release of additional war files could hurt u.s. security and the war effort. tara mergener explains why it could be worse than the initial release of some 76,000 files. >> wikileaks is about to do it again. >> we have a duty to all the people that can benefit from the release of that information. we are information that derives from a war. >> reporter: the website's founder says his organization will soon release thousands more secret military documents about the afghan war. he didn't give a specific time frame, but revealed his staff has already gone through half of the 15,000 remaining records. >> this information is so valuable.
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>> reporter: the on-line whistle-blower sparked a firestorm when it posted 76,000 files. the pentagon blasted the leak, one of the largest in u.s. history saying it put american troops and afghan informants at risk. >> reporter: military officials believe they have identified the additional batch of documents but they fear a second leak could be even more damaging than the last. pentagon secretary slammed the decision to post more records saying it would compound a mistake that has already put far too many lives at risk. >> it is a time of war and spies are tried in war. >> reporter: he claims releasing the documents could save thousands of lives, but many wonder at what cost?
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tara mergener, cbs news, washington. >> thank you for watching 9 news now at 5:00 a.m. >> i did a test run of whether i could take my normal route and i had to detour this morning. >> it was difficult. we start with live doppler 9000 hd because it is a little wet out there. these are showers and moderate downpours in spots but you don't see the bright orange and red that is covering counties like we had yesterday. we go north, light to moderate rain showers in from frederick to montgomery county. heavy on the east side of 270, damascus to clarksburg. laytonsville and germantown seeing that. head to dc, moderate rain showers across the district


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